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Firmware Test Suite

The FirmWare Test Suite (fwts) is a tool to do automatic testing of a PC's firmware. There can be a lot of subtle or vexing Linux Kernel/firmware issues caused when firmware is buggy, so it's useful to have a tool that can automatically check for common BIOS and ACPI errors. Where possible the tool will give some form of advice on how to fix issues or workaround firmware issues.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000607 607 Bytes about 2 months
_servicedata 0000000228 228 Bytes 22 days
fwts-21.05.00.obscpio 0021173773 20.2 MB 22 days
fwts-fix-non-acpi.patch 0000001153 1.13 KB 5 months
fwts-no-compiletime.patch 0000000469 469 Bytes 7 months
fwts.changes 0000058164 56.8 KB 22 days
fwts.obsinfo 0000000097 97 Bytes 22 days
fwts.spec 0000003044 2.97 KB 22 days
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