Scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier

Collection of scripts for working on Debian packages.
- bts: a command-line tool for manipulating the Debian Bug
Tracking System
- checkbashisms: check whether a /bin/sh script contains any
common bash-specific contructs
- dcontrol: remotely query package and source control files
for all Debian distributions
- debchange/dch: automagically add entries to
debian/changelog files
- debsign, debrsign: sign a .changes/.dsc pair without
needing any of the rest of the package to be present;
can sign the pair remotely or fetch the pair from a
remote machine for signing
- diff2patches: extract patches from a .diff.gz file
placing them under debian/ or, if present, debian/patches
- licensecheck: attempt to determine the license of source
- uscan: scan upstream sites for new releases of packages

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devscripts-2.11.7-buildfix.patch 0000003219 3.14 KB over 8 years
devscripts-2.11.7-debcommit-hg16.patch 0000000621 621 Bytes over 8 years
devscripts-2.15.1-remove-install-layout-deb.patch 0000000660 660 Bytes about 6 years
devscripts.changes 0000034456 33.6 KB about 6 years
devscripts.spec 0000005310 5.19 KB about 6 years
devscripts_2.15.1.tar.xz 0000608576 594 KB about 6 years
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