Teletext and Videotext Decoder for the BTTV Driver

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AleVT is a teletext and videotext decoder and browser for the BTTV
driver (/dev/vbi) and the X Window System. It features multiple
windows, a page cache, regexp searching, a built-in manual, and more.
There is also a program to get the time from teletext.

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alevt-1.6.0-dvb-demux.patch 0000054147 52.9 KB
alevt-1.6.2.tar.bz2 0000115848 113 KB
alevt-happy-abuild.diff 0000001192 1.16 KB
alevt-libpng15.patch 0000000340 340 Bytes
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alevt.changes 0000004839 4.73 KB
alevt.desktop 0000000110 110 Bytes
alevt.png 0000000390 390 Bytes
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