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Management tool for PostgreSQL

pgAdmin 4 is a rewrite of the popular pgAdmin3 management tool for the PostgreSQL
(http://www.postgresql.org) database.
pgAdmin 4 is written as a web application in Python, using jQuery and Bootstrap
for the client side processing and UI. On the server side, Flask is being utilised.

Although developed using web technologies, we intend for pgAdmin 4 to be usable
either on a web server using a browser, or standalone on a workstation. The
runtime/ subdirectory contains a QT based runtime application intended to allow
this - it is essentially a browser and Python interpretor in one package which
will be capable of hosting the Python application and presenting it to the user
as a desktop application.

Source Files
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README.SUSE 0000001770 1.73 KB about 4 years
fix-python3-crypto-call.patch 0000003218 3.14 KB about 4 years
pgadmin4-4.1.tar.gz 0032580312 31.1 MB almost 4 years
pgadmin4.changes 0000008201 8.01 KB almost 4 years
pgadmin4.conf 0000000522 522 Bytes about 4 years
pgadmin4.config_local.py.in 0000000150 150 Bytes over 5 years
pgadmin4.desktop.in 0000000319 319 Bytes about 4 years
pgadmin4.qt.conf.in 0000000099 99 Bytes about 4 years
pgadmin4.service.in 0000000821 821 Bytes about 6 years
pgadmin4.spec 0000007775 7.59 KB almost 4 years
pgadmin4.tmpfiles.d 0000000034 34 Bytes almost 5 years
use-os-makedirs.patch 0000000575 575 Bytes about 4 years
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