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Static type information for python modules

Typeshed models function types for the Python standard library and Python builtins, as well as third party packages.

This data can e.g. be used for static analysis, type checking or type inference.

This package stores the typedata in /usr/share/typeshed

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000506 506 Bytes almost 3 years
_servicedata 0000000236 236 Bytes almost 3 years
python-typeshed-rpmlintrc 0000000056 56 Bytes almost 3 years
python-typeshed.changes 0000000774 774 Bytes almost 3 years
python-typeshed.spec 0000002278 2.22 KB almost 3 years
typeshed-0.0.1+git.1539385126.cec22025.tar.xz 0000316244 309 KB almost 3 years
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