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Sar and Iostat Commands for Linux

Sar and Iostat commands for Linux. The sar command collects and reports
system activity information. The iostat command reports CPU statistics
and I/O statistics for TTY devices and disks. The information
collected by sar and iostat can be saved in a binary file for future
inspection. Both commands now support SMP machines when displaying CPU

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
isag.desktop 0000000229 229 Bytes about 13 years
sysstat-12.0.2-CVE-2018-19416-and-CVE-2018-19517.patch 0000011510 11.2 KB almost 3 years
sysstat-12.0.2.tar.xz 0000602408 588 KB almost 3 years
sysstat-8.0.4-pagesize.diff 0000000610 610 Bytes almost 4 years
sysstat-8.1.6-sa1sa2lock.diff 0000001543 1.51 KB almost 4 years
sysstat.changes 0000036705 35.8 KB over 2 years
sysstat.cron.suse 0000000255 255 Bytes almost 10 years
sysstat.service 0000000375 375 Bytes over 4 years
sysstat.spec 0000005099 4.98 KB over 2 years
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