GNU Mailutils

Mailutils is a swiss army knife of electronic mail handling. It offers a rich set of utilities and daemons for processing e-mail.

All Mailutils programs are able to operate on mailboxes of any existing format, ranging from standard UNIX maildrops, through maildir and up to remote mailboxes, which are transparently accessed using IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP.

Regular users will find here an implementation of the traditional UNIX mail reader mail, command line utilities, such as frm, messages, readmsg, and sieve -- a flexible utility for filtering the incoming mail.

A special feature of Mailutils is an implementation of the MH Message Handling System, which combines a power of the UNIX philosophy with a flexibility of Mailutils libraries, thus allowing to easily incorporate mail from remote mailboxes.

For system administrators, Mailutils provides a set of daemons for delivering and reading electronic mail, including pop3d, imap4d and a universal mail delivery agent, called maidag.

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