A Port of the default KDE Widget Theme (Oxygen), to GTK 2.x


Oxygen-Gtk2 is a port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen), to gtk 2.x.

It's primary goal is to ensure visual consistency between gtk-based and qt-based
applications running under KDE. A secondary objective is to also have a
stand-alone nice looking gtk theme that would behave well on other Desktop

Unlike other attempts made to port the KDE oxygen theme to gtk, this attempt does
not depend on Qt (via some Qt to Gtk conversion engine), nor does render the
widget appearance via hard coded pixmaps, which otherwise breaks everytime some
setting is changed in KDE.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
baselibs.conf 0000000037 37 Bytes over 8 years
fix-crash-about-invalid-columns.patch 0000008989 8.78 KB over 3 years
fix-menu-items-look.patch 0000000804 804 Bytes almost 6 years
oxygen-gtk2-1.4.6-xul.patch 0000003558 3.47 KB over 1 year
oxygen-gtk2-1.4.6.tar.bz2 0000201105 196 KB almost 6 years
oxygen-gtk2.changes 0000013857 13.5 KB over 1 year
oxygen-gtk2.spec 0000003795 3.71 KB over 1 year
qt-config-path.patch 0000000491 491 Bytes about 5 years
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