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Library for Intel HEX Files Manipulations


Python implementation of Intel HEX file format allows you read, modify, write hex files and convert them to binary form.

The Intel HEX file format widely used in microprocessors and microcontrollers area as the de-facto standard for representation of code for programming microelectronic devices.

This work implements an **intelhex** Python library to read, write, create from scratch and manipulate data from HEX (also known as Intel HEX) file format. These operations are provided by “IntelHex” class.

The distribution package also includes several convenience Python scripts to do basic tasks that utilize this library. The “bin2hex.py” script converts binary data to HEX, and the “hex2bin.py” works the other direction. “hex2dump.py” converts data from HEX to a hexdump which is useful for inspecting data, and “hexmerge.py” merges multiple HEX files into one.

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