Secure Connections between all Sensors and the Prelude Manager

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Libprelude is a library that guarantees secure connections between all sensors
and the Prelude Manager. Libprelude provides an Application Programming
Interface (API) for the communication with Prelude sub-systems, it supplies
the necessary functionality for generating and emitting IDMEF events with
Prelude and automates the saving and re-transmission of data in times of
temporary interruption of one of the components of the system.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
libprelude-4.0.0.tar.gz 0002864402 2.73 MB
libprelude-disable_gnulib_test_lock.patch 0000005299 5.17 KB
libprelude-fix_compatibility_gnutls_3_6.patch 0000001098 1.07 KB
libprelude-fix_prelude_tests_timer.patch 0000000699 699 Bytes
libprelude-fix_pthread_atfork.patch 0000006204 6.06 KB
libprelude-fix_timegm.patch 0000001337 1.31 KB
libprelude-fsf-address.patch 0000013777 13.5 KB
libprelude-gtk-doc.patch 0000036819 36 KB
libprelude-linking.patch 0000001292 1.26 KB
libprelude.changes 0000005369 5.24 KB
libprelude.spec 0000011245 11 KB
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