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A C toolkit to interract with the virtualization capabilities of Linux

Libvirt is a C toolkit to interact with the virtualization
capabilities of Linux. Virtualization of the Linux Operating System means
the ability to run multiple instances of Operating Systems concurrently
on a single hardware system where the basic resources are driven by a
Linux instance. The library aims to provide long term stable C API
to interact with Linux virtualization technologies.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
0001-Extract-stats-functions-from-the-qemu-driver.patch 20.6 KB Download File
0001-libxl-add-support-for-BlockResize-API.patch 4.48 KB Download File
0002-lxc-implement-connectGetAllDomainStats.patch 5.2 KB Download File
09eb1ae0-conf-add-xenbus-controller.patch 7.65 KB Download File
411cdaf8-apparmor-check-profile-name.patch 1.71 KB Download File
4ec3cf9a-apparmor-rules.patch 1.17 KB Download File
5a64c202-xenconfig-support-max-grant-frames.patch 5.11 KB Download File
696239ba-qemu-fix-query-cpus-fast.patch 1.61 KB Download File
CVE-2019-3886-api.patch 1006 Bytes Download File
CVE-2019-3886-remote.patch 1.08 KB Download File
baselibs.conf 98 Bytes Download File
blockcopy-check-dst-identical-device.patch 1.07 KB Download File
ec5a1191-libxl-support-max-grant-frames.patch 5.23 KB Download File
f38ef0fa-no-RDMA-check.patch 1.38 KB Download File
fb059757-libxl-add-xenbus-controller.patch 64.4 KB Download File
libvirt-5.1.0.tar.xz 14.2 MB
libvirt-5.1.0.tar.xz.asc 455 Bytes Download File
libvirt-power8-models.patch 560 Bytes Download File
libvirt-rpmlintrc 189 Bytes Download File
libvirt-supportconfig 4.28 KB Download File
libvirt-suse-netcontrol.patch 7.01 KB Download File
libvirt.changes 167 KB Download File
libvirt.keyring 13.1 KB Download File
libvirt.spec 58.1 KB Download File
libvirtd-relocation-server.fw 112 Bytes Download File
libvirtd-relocation-server.xml 224 Bytes Download File
libxl-dom-reset.patch 2.61 KB Download File
libxl-set-cach-mode.patch 1.74 KB Download File
libxl-set-migration-constraints.patch 16 KB Download File
libxl-support-block-script.patch 2.28 KB Download File
lxc-wait-after-eth-del.patch 2.7 KB Download File
network-don-t-use-dhcp-authoritative-on-static-netwo.patch 2.38 KB Download File
ppc64le-canonical-name.patch 625 Bytes Download File
qemu-apparmor-screenshot.patch 439 Bytes Download File
revert-7431b3eb.patch 41.9 KB Download File
revert-8b967198.patch 6.1 KB Download File
support-managed-pci-xen-driver.patch 4.64 KB Download File
suse-apparmor-libnl-paths.patch 1.29 KB Download File
suse-libvirt-guests-service.patch 8.89 KB Download File
suse-libvirtd-disable-tls.patch 1.72 KB Download File
suse-libvirtd-service-xen.patch 826 Bytes Download File
suse-libvirtd-sysconfig-settings.patch 2.13 KB Download File
suse-libxl-disable-autoballoon.patch 2.67 KB Download File
suse-ovmf-paths.patch 2.62 KB Download File
suse-qemu-conf.patch 2.49 KB Download File
suse-qemu-domain-hook.py 9.33 KB Download File
suse-virtlockd-sysconfig-settings.patch 433 Bytes Download File
suse-virtlogd-sysconfig-settings.patch 426 Bytes Download File
virt-create-rootfs.patch 7.91 KB Download File
xen-pv-cdrom.patch 960 Bytes Download File
xen-sxpr-disk-type.patch 1.34 KB Download File

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