log4j like C++ logging library

Log4cxx is a port to C++ of the log4j.
The goal is have the same functionalities and interfaces of log4j.

It's a flexible and highly configurable logging framework
Main features :
- Configurable logging destinations (appenders)
- Configurable logging format (layouts)
- Categorized logging statements through a hierarchy (loggers)
- Advanced filtering (filters)
- Thread safe library
- UTF-16 Unicode support

* Appenders:
AsyncAppender, ConsoleAppender, DailyRollingFileAppender, FileAppender,
NTEventLogAppender, ODBCAppender, RollingFileAppender, SMTPAppender,
SocketAppender, SocketHubAappender, SyslogAppender, TelnetAppender,

* Layouts:
HTMLLayout, PatternLayout, SimpleLayout, TTCCLayout, XMLLayout

* Filters:
DenyAllFilter, LevelMatchFilter, LevelRangeFilter, StringMatchFilter

* Configurators:
BasicConfigurator, DOMConfigurator, PropertyConfigurator

* Java like objects with dynamic cast and instanciation. Custom objects can
be configured through the DOMConfigurator and PropertyConfigurator classes

Supported OS:
* Linux (tested on Linux Mandrake 10.0, Debian GNU/Linux 3.1)
* FreeBSD
* Windows (MSVC 6.0, MSVC 7.1 or Cygwin)
* Other POSIX OS should be supported but were not tested

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