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A network address discovering/monitoring tool


Netdiscover is an active/passive address reconnaissance tool, mainly developed
for those wireless networks without dhcp server, when you are wardriving. It
can be also used on hub/switched networks.

Built on top of libnet and libpcap, it can passively detect online hosts, or
search for them, by actively sending arp requests, it can also be used to
inspect your network arp traffic, and find network addresses using auto scan
mode, which will scan for common local networks.

Source Files
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netdiscover-0.3-pre-beta7-LINUXONLY.tar.gz 0000367639 359 KB over 5 years
netdiscover-fix-makefile.patch 0000000501 501 Bytes about 4 years
netdiscover-fix-manpage.patch 0000001855 1.81 KB about 4 years
netdiscover-fix-spelling-binary.patch 0000002274 2.22 KB about 4 years
netdiscover-update-oui.patch 0000002689 2.63 KB about 4 years
netdiscover.changes 0000001934 1.89 KB over 3 years
netdiscover.spec 0000002528 2.47 KB over 3 years
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