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EBook Management Application

Calibre is an ebook library manager. It can view, convert and catalog
ebooks in most of the major ebook formats. It can also talk to a few
ebook reader devices. It can go out to the internet and fetch
metadata for your books. It can download newspapers and convert them
into ebooks for convenient reading. It is cross platform, running on
Linux, Windows and OS X.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
calibre-3.48.0.tar.xz 0038777408 37 MB over 1 year
calibre-3.48.0.tar.xz.sig 0000000566 566 Bytes over 1 year
calibre-no-update.diff 0000001002 1002 Bytes over 4 years
calibre-rpmlintrc 0000000160 160 Bytes over 4 years
calibre-setup.install.py.diff 0000005903 5.76 KB over 4 years
calibre.changes 0000561565 548 KB over 1 year
calibre.desktop 0000000211 211 Bytes about 10 years
calibre.keyring 0000002225 2.17 KB almost 3 years
calibre.spec 0000011077 10.8 KB over 1 year
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Mengz You's avatar

mengzyou wrote 6 months ago

Update Package Version

Hi, the latest version is 5.x series from https://calibre-ebook.com/download, could you please maintain a 5.x version ?

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