A Module That Allows You to Declare Real Exception Classes in Perl


Exception::Class allows you to declare exception hierarchies in your modules in
a "Java-esque" manner.

It features a simple interface allowing programmers to 'declare' exception
classes at compile time. It also has a base exception class,
Exception::Class::Base, that can be easily extended.

It is designed to make structured exception handling simpler and better by
encouraging people to use hierarchies of exceptions in their applications,
as opposed to a single catch-all exception class.

This module does not implement any try/catch syntax. Please see the
"OTHER EXCEPTION MODULES (try/catch syntax)" section for more information on
how to get this syntax.

You will also want to look at the documentation for Exception::Class::Base,
which is the default base class for all exception objects created
by this module.

Author: Dave Rolsky

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