helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods

The synopsis section, above, looks almost indistinguishable from any other
use of Sub::Exporter, apart from the use of 'method_installer'. It is
nearly indistinguishable in behavior, too. The only change is that
subroutines exported from Method::Builder into named slots in
Vehicle::Autobot will be wrapped in a subroutine called
'Vehicle::Autobot::transform'. This will insert a named frame into stack
traces to aid in debugging.

More importantly (for the author, anyway), they will not be removed by
namespace::autoclean. This makes the following code work:

package MyLibrary;

use Math::Trig qw(tan); # uses
use String::Truncate qw(trunc); # uses Sub::Exporter's defaults

use Sub::Exporter::ForMethods qw(method_installer);
use Mixin::Linewise { installer => method_installer }, qw(read_file);

use namespace::autoclean;



After MyLibrary is compiled, 'namespace::autoclean' will remove 'tan' and
'trunc' as foreign contaminants, but will leave 'read_file' in place. It
will also remove 'method_installer', an added win.

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