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GASNet networking layer.

GASNet is a language-independent, low-level networking layer that provides network-independent, high-performance communication primitives tailored for implementing parallel global address space SPMD languages and libraries such as UPC, Co-Array Fortran, SHMEM, Cray Chapel, and Titanium. The interface is primarily intended as a compilation target and for use by runtime library writers (as opposed to end users), and the primary goals are high performance, interface portability, and expressiveness. GASNet stands for "Global-Address Space Networking".

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
GASNet-1.32.0.tar.gz 0002661419 2.54 MB over 2 years
gasnet-build-hostname.patch 0000000517 517 Bytes over 2 years
gasnet-build-id.patch 0000000879 879 Bytes almost 4 years
gasnet-date-time.patch 0000001189 1.16 KB about 4 years
gasnet-fix-multiple-definitions.patch 0000012611 12.3 KB about 1 year
gasnet.changes 0000010499 10.3 KB about 1 year
gasnet.spec 0000006801 6.64 KB about 1 year
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