A Family of IBM 3270 Terminal Emulators

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This package contains a family of IBM 3270 mainframe terminal

* terminal emulators for interactive use x3270 X Window System
c3270 curses based

* terminal emulators for scripted use s3270 see the x3270-script
man page tcl3270 Tcl based

* printer emulator pr3287

* do not miss the punch card puncher emulator x026

x3270 is an IBM 3270 terminal emulator for the X Window System. x3270
runs over a telnet connection (with or without TN3270E) and emulates
either an IBM 3279 (color) or 3278 (monochrome). It supports APL2
characters, IND$FILE file transfer, NVT mode, a pop-up keypad for
3270-specific keys, alternative keymaps, 3287 printer sessions, and a
scrollbar and has extensive debugging and scripting facilities.

c3270 is the curses-based version of x3270. It runs on any dumb
terminal (an xterm or a console, for example), and supports (almost)
all of the x3270 features. c3270 scripts are compatible with x3270
scripts, and the subset of command line options and resource
definitions are also compatible.

s3270 is a scripting-only version of x3270. This program is intended
primarily for writing "screen-scraping" applications, for example a CGI
back-end script that retrieves database information from a mainframe.

tcl3270 is a Tcl-based 3270 scripting engine. It lets you write Tcl
scripts that manipulate 3270 sessions, and is quite a bit easier to set
up and use than s3270.

pr3287 is the printer companion for the above tools, and allows printer
output from a 3270 session to be directed to a Unix printer queue.

x026 is a fun toy which emulates an x026 puncher.

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