48x48x1 Image Compression and Decompression

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The programs compface and uncompface convert 48x48x1 images to and from
a compressed format. The purpose of the programs is to allow the
inclusion of face images within mail headers using the field name
"X-face:". They make use of a library that allows the compression and
decompression algorithms to be used in other programs, such as mail
dispatchers and mail notification daemons.

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compface-1.5.2-destdir.diff 0000003284 3.21 KB
compface-1.5.2.diff 0000000937 937 Bytes
compface-1.5.2.tar.gz 0000046970 45.9 KB
compface-test.xbm 0000001560 1.52 KB
compface.changes 0000002821 2.75 KB
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