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fillup merges files that hold variables. A variable is defined by an
entity composed of a preceding comment, a variable name, an assignment
delimiter, and a related variable value. A variable is determined by
its variable name.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
fillup-1.42-cloexec.patch 0000000587 587 Bytes
fillup-1.42.dif 0000008054 7.87 KB
fillup-1.42.tar.bz2 0000042971 42 KB
fillup-nodate.patch 0000000874 874 Bytes
fillup-optflags.patch 0000001533 1.5 KB
fillup-retval.dif 0000000389 389 Bytes
fillup-warnings.dif 0000002494 2.44 KB
fillup.changes 0000006568 6.41 KB
fillup.spec 0000002549 2.49 KB
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