Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup

rdiff-backup backs up one directory to another, possibly over a
network. The target directory ends up a copy of the source directory,
but extra reverse diffs are stored in a special subdirectory of that
target directory, so you can still recover files lost some time ago.
The idea is to combine the best features of a mirror and an incremental
backup. rdiff-backup also preserves subdirectories, hard links, dev
files, permissions, uid/gid ownership, and modification times. Also,
rdiff-backup can operate in a bandwidth efficient manner over a pipe,
like rsync. Thus you can use rdiff-backup and ssh to securely back a
hard drive up to a remote location, and only the differences will be
transmitted. Finally, rdiff-backup is easy to use and settings have
sensical defaults.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions 0000002726 2.66 KB over 6 years
rdiff-backup-1.2.8-sparse-no-seek-in-gzip.diff 0000001133 1.11 KB over 5 years
rdiff-backup-1.2.8-sparsefiles.diff 0000001437 1.4 KB about 6 years
rdiff-backup-1.2.8.tar.gz 0000196526 192 KB almost 11 years
rdiff-backup-1.2.8.tar.gz.asc 0000000186 186 Bytes almost 6 years
rdiff-backup-dont-pick-empty-sessions.diff 0000001400 1.37 KB almost 6 years
rdiff-backup-fix-deprecations.diff 0000001400 1.37 KB almost 7 years
rdiff-backup-librsync-1.0.patch 0000000639 639 Bytes almost 5 years
rdiff-backup.changes 0000007021 6.86 KB almost 5 years
rdiff-backup.keyring 0000002230 2.18 KB almost 5 years
rdiff-backup.spec 0000003967 3.87 KB almost 5 years
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