A collective libraries for Sparse Linear Systems by Tim Davis

SuitesSparse is a single standard c library archive that contains all packages Professor Tim Davis has authored or co-authored aiming at Sparse Linear Systems. it includes: AMD, BTF, CAMD, CCOLAMD, COLAMD, CHOLMOD, CXSparse, KLU, LDL, UMFPACK, RBio, UFconfig, SPQR.
On Linux, we use it on Gegl and Science Applications.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
SuiteSparse-4.4.5.tar.gz 0025566888 24.4 MB over 4 years
blas-instead-of-openblas-SuiteSparse_config_mk.patch 0000000625 625 Bytes about 5 years
bnc775418-enable-SuiteSparse_time-symbol.patch 0000000619 619 Bytes over 5 years
no-removal-of-suitesparse_config-output.patch 0000000493 493 Bytes over 7 years
suitesparse-rpmlintrc 0000000185 185 Bytes about 8 years
suitesparse.changes 0000006796 6.64 KB over 4 years
suitesparse.spec 0000024784 24.2 KB over 4 years
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