Debian package management system

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This package contains tools for working with Debian packages. It makes
it possible to create and extract Debian packages. If Alien is
installed, the packages can be converted to RPMs.

This package contains the following Debian packages: dpkg, dselect,
dpkg-doc, dpkg-dev.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-In-case-of-equal-priority-rather-update.patch 0000001069 1.04 KB
dpkg-sparc.diff 0000000793 793 Bytes
dpkg.changes 0000037180 36.3 KB
dpkg.spec 0000005010 4.89 KB
dpkg_1.18.4.tar.xz 0004377024 4.17 MB
sensible-editor 0000000616 616 Bytes
update-alternatives-suse.patch 0000002595 2.53 KB
update-alternatives.changes 0000007376 7.2 KB
update-alternatives.spec 0000003351 3.27 KB
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