GNOME OpenGPG key signing helper

Its purpose is to ease signing other peoples' keys. It is similar
to caff, PIUS, or monkeysign. In fact, it is influenced a lot by
these tools and either reimplements ideas or reuses code.
Consider either of the aboved mentioned tools when you need a much
more mature codebase.

Source Files
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gnome-keysign-0.6.tar.xz 0001068704 1.02 MB over 4 years
gnome-keysign-gpg-2.1-returncode.patch 0000003557 3.47 KB over 4 years
gnome-keysign-gpg-2.1.patch 0000001636 1.6 KB over 4 years
gnome-keysign.changes 0000001052 1.03 KB over 4 years
gnome-keysign.spec 0000003438 3.36 KB over 4 years
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