Settings daemon for the GNOME desktop

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gnome-settings-daemon provides a daemon run by all GNOME sessions to
provide live access to configuration settings and the changes done to
them as well as basic services like a clipboard manager, controlling
the startup of the screensaver, etc.

This module was previously part of GNOME Control Center, but has been
splitted from it for a more general use.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
gnome-settings-daemon-3.20.1.tar.xz 0001650928 1.57 MB
gnome-settings-daemon-bnc873545-hide-warnings.patch 0000001473 1.44 KB
gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch 0000186993 183 KB
gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch 0000002817 2.75 KB
gnome-settings-daemon-keybindings-become-unavaiable.patch 0000007324 7.15 KB
gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch 0000001690 1.65 KB
gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch 0000005290 5.17 KB
gnome-settings-daemon-revert-libinput-mandatory.patch 0000073214 71.5 KB
gnome-settings-daemon-shutdown-dialog-delay.patch 0000002865 2.8 KB
gnome-settings-daemon.changes 0000153241 150 KB
gnome-settings-daemon.spec 0000012464 12.2 KB
sle-configure-timeout-blank.patch 0000000590 590 Bytes
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