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Partial kernel dump

makedumpfile is a dump program to shorten the size of dump file. It
copies only the necessary pages for analysis with various dump levels,
and can compress the page data. The obtained dump file can by analyzed
via gdb or crash utility.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
makedumpfile-1.6.1.tar.gz 0000176228 172 KB over 4 years
makedumpfile-coptflags.diff 0000000602 602 Bytes about 7 years
makedumpfile-override-libtinfo.patch 0000000995 995 Bytes about 5 years
makedumpfile-rpmlintrc 0000000099 99 Bytes over 4 years
makedumpfile.changes 0000023201 22.7 KB over 4 years
makedumpfile.spec 0000003385 3.31 KB over 4 years
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