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MySQL Connector/C++: Standardized database driver for C++ development

MySQL Connector/C++ is a MySQL database connector for C++ development. The
MySQL driver for C++ can be used to connect to MySQL from C++ applications. The
driver mimics the JDBC 4.0 API. It implements a significant subset of JDBC 4.0.

The Driver for C++ is designed to work best with MySQL 5.1 or later. Note - its
full functionality is not available when connecting to MySQL 5.0. You cannot
connect to MySQL 4.1 or earlier.

Using MySQL Connector/C++ instead of the MySQL C API (MySQL Client Library)
offers the following advantages for C++ users:

* Convenience of pure C++ - no C function calls
* Support of a well designed API - JDBC 4.0
* Support of a commonly known and well documented API - JDBC 4.0
* Support of the object oriented programming paradigma
* Shorter development times

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