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Date manipulation routines

Date::Manip is a series of modules designed to make any common date/time
manipulation easy to do. Operations such as comparing two times,
calculating a time a given amount of time from another, or parsing
international times are all easily done. From the very beginning, the main
focus of Date::Manip has been to be able to do ANY desired date/time
operation easily, not necessarily quickly. Also, it is definitely oriented
towards the type of operations we (as people) tend to think of rather than
those operations used routinely by computers. There are other modules that
can do a subset of the operations available in Date::Manip much quicker
than those presented here, so be sure to read the section SHOULD I USE
DATE::MANIP in the Date::Manip::Misc document before deciding which of the
Date and Time modules from CPAN is for you.

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