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Lightweight Download Accelerator


Axel tries to accelerate HTTP/FTP downloading process by using multiple
connections for one file. It can use multiple mirrors for a download. Axel has
no dependencies and is lightweight, so it might be useful as a wget clone on
byte-critical systems.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
axel-2.4-configure.patch 0000000784 784 Bytes almost 10 years
axel-2.4.tar.bz2 0000044995 43.9 KB over 12 years
axel-fix-url-max-length.patch 0000000352 352 Bytes over 4 years
axel-fix_buffer_overflow.patch 0000000291 291 Bytes about 11 years
axel-getaddrinfo.patch 0000002288 2.23 KB about 11 years
axel.changes 0000000911 911 Bytes over 4 years
axel.spec 0000002068 2.02 KB over 4 years
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