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The Japanese Dictionary Files for Jim Breen's EDICT Project

The EDICT file is the outcome of a voluntary project to produce a
freely available Japanese-English Dictionary in machine readable form.
This project has been under way since early 1991, beginning with the
small original file included with the MOKE (Mark's Own Kanji Editor)
Japanese word processing package. It had reached a size of nearly
103,000 entries when it was split into two files: EDICT containing the
"normal" dictionary entries, and ENAMDICT containing names. Both files
are used by a number of software packages and thousands of users
worldwide. The EDICT file now has over 60,000 entries and the ENAMDICT
file has over 160,000 entries.

Meanwhile, there are also some additional dictionary files for special
purposes, COMPDIC, for example, for words from the computing and
communication field.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
JMdict.gz 0015745711 15 MB almost 5 years
compdic.gz 0000230192 225 KB almost 5 years
download_dicts.sh 0000000525 525 Bytes almost 5 years
edict.changes 0000004560 4.45 KB almost 5 years
edict.gz 0005124467 4.89 MB almost 5 years
edict.spec 0000003011 2.94 KB almost 5 years
edict2u.gz 0005862849 5.59 MB almost 5 years
enamdict.gz 0007603697 7.25 MB almost 5 years
kanjd212.gz 0000201783 197 KB almost 5 years
kanjidic.gz 0000565127 552 KB almost 5 years
kanjidic2.xml.gz 0001482005 1.41 MB almost 5 years
kradfile.gz 0000047136 46 KB almost 5 years
licence.html 0000013149 12.8 KB almost 5 years
radkfile.gz 0000040879 39.9 KB almost 5 years
skip_permission.htm 0000005904 5.77 KB almost 5 years
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