The Standard in Open Source H.323

The H323plus project aims to create a full featured, interoperable, and open source implementation of the ITU H.323 teleconferencing protocol that can be used by personal developers and commercial users without charge.

Commercial and private use of the H323plus code, including use in commercial products and resale, is encouraged through use of the MPL (Mozilla Public license).

Source Files
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01_libname.patch 0000000382 382 Bytes over 5 years 0000000372 372 Bytes almost 6 years
10_openh323u.mak.patch 0000000495 495 Bytes over 5 years
h323plus-fix-ptlib-config-check.patch 0000014319 14 KB over 5 years
h323plus-v1_26_5.tar.gz 0004249565 4.05 MB over 5 years
h323plus.changes 0000000782 782 Bytes about 5 years
h323plus.spec 0000005133 5.01 KB about 5 years
ixjuser.h.patch 0000025973 25.4 KB almost 7 years
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