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Diagnostic tools for Infiniband

The ibutils package provides a set of diagnostic tools that check the health
of an InfiniBand fabric.

Package components:
ibis: IB interface - A TCL shell that provides interface for sending various
MADs on the IB fabric. This is the component that actually accesses
the IB Hardware.

ibdm: IB Data Model - A library that provides IB fabric analysis.

ibmgtsim: An IB fabric simulator. Useful for developing IB tools.

ibdiag: This package provides 3 tools which provide the user interface
to activate the above functionality:
- ibdiagnet: Performs various quality and health checks on the IB
- ibdiagpath: Performs various fabric quality and health checks on
the given links and nodes in a specific path.
- ibdiagui: A GUI wrapper for the above tools.

Source Files
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ibutils-1.2-retval.patch 0000001572 1.54 KB about 9 years
ibutils-1.5.7-0.2.gbd7e502.tar.gz 0003638772 3.47 MB about 7 years
ibutils-autotools.patch 0000009196 8.98 KB about 7 years
ibutils-code_cleanup.patch 0000022877 22.3 KB about 7 years
ibutils-rpmlintrc 0000000176 176 Bytes about 8 years
ibutils-tk-8.6.patch 0000001462 1.43 KB about 8 years
ibutils.changes 0000004405 4.3 KB about 7 years
ibutils.spec 0000004719 4.61 KB about 7 years
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