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Library of utility functions for CMPI providers

Libcmpiutil is a library of utility functions for CMPI providers. The
goal is to reduce the amount of repetitive work done in most CMPI
providers by encapsulating common procedures with more "normal" APIs.
This extends from operations like getting typed instance properties to
standardizing method dispatch and argument checking.

Source Files
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0001-libcmpiutil-Fix-endianness-issues-in-embedded-object.patch 0000005055 4.94 KB over 7 years
fix-arm.patch 0000002367 2.31 KB about 9 years
libcmpiutil-0.5.7.tar.bz2 0000314691 307 KB over 8 years
libcmpiutil.changes 0000002635 2.57 KB over 6 years
libcmpiutil.spec 0000003340 3.26 KB over 6 years
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