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Library to forensically access Microsoft PST and OST files

Library to forensically access the Personal Folder File (PFF) and the Offline Folder File (OFF) format.

libpff can recover both existing (allocated) information and deleted information.

PFF/OFF is used in several file types:

PAB (Personal Address Book)
PST (Personal Storage Table)
OST (Offline Storage Table)

This package also contains 4 support documents:


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MAPI_definitions.pdf 0000862433 842 KB over 8 years
PFF_Forensics_-_analyzing_the_horrible_reference_file_format.pdf 0000220508 215 KB over 8 years
PFF_forensics_-_e-mail_and_appoinment_falsification_analysis.pdf 0000159667 156 KB over 8 years
Personal_Folder_File_(PFF)_format.pdf 0000391464 382 KB about 8 years
libpff-experimental-20131028.tar.gz 0001757989 1.68 MB about 7 years
libpff-libfdata.pdf 0000017433 17 KB about 8 years
libpff.changes 0000003001 2.93 KB about 7 years
libpff.spec 0000005667 5.53 KB about 7 years
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