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Hardware Platform Interface SNMP backend

This is an implementation of the Service Availability Forum's Hardware
Platform Interface SNMP sub-agent.

Through this subagent one can includes support for multiple different
types of hardware including: IPMI, IBM Blade Center (via SNMP), Linux
Watchdog devices, and Sysfs based systems.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
openhpi-subagent-2.3.4-hpiutils.patch 0000002477 2.42 KB about 7 years
openhpi-subagent-2.3.4-no-Werror.patch 0000000430 430 Bytes about 7 years
openhpi-subagent-2.3.4.tar.bz2 0000434326 424 KB over 9 years
openhpi-subagent-2.3.4_doctype.patch 0000000689 689 Bytes over 9 years
openhpi-subagent-2.3.4_init_script.patch 0000001911 1.87 KB over 9 years
openhpi-subagent.changes 0000004365 4.26 KB about 7 years
openhpi-subagent.spec 0000002789 2.72 KB about 7 years
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