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Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies


This module scans potential modules used by perl programs, and returns a
hash reference; its keys are the module names as appears in '%INC' (e.g.
'Test/More.pm'); the values are hash references with this structure:

file => '/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/Test/More.pm',
key => 'Test/More.pm',
type => 'module', # or 'autoload', 'data', 'shared'
used_by => [ 'Test/Simple.pm', ... ],
uses => [ 'Test/Other.pm', ... ],

One function, 'scan_deps', is exported by default. Other functions such as
('scan_line', 'scan_chunk', 'add_deps', 'path_to_inc_name') are exported
upon request.

Users of *App::Packer* may also use this module as the dependency-checking
frontend, by tweaking their _p2e.pl_ like below:

use Module::ScanDeps;
my $packer = App::Packer->new( frontend => 'Module::ScanDeps' );

Please see the App::Packer::Frontend manpage for detailed explanation on
the structure returned by 'get_files'.

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