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Parse META.yml and META.json CPAN metadata files


*Parse::CPAN::Meta* is a parser for _META.json_ and _META.yml_ files, using
the JSON::PP manpage and/or the CPAN::Meta::YAML manpage.

*Parse::CPAN::Meta* provides three methods: 'load_file',
'load_json_string', and 'load_yaml_string'. These will read and deserialize
CPAN metafiles, and are described below in detail.

*Parse::CPAN::Meta* provides a legacy API of only two functions, based on
the YAML functions of the same name. Wherever possible, identical calling
semantics are used. These may only be used with YAML sources.

All error reporting is done with exceptions (die'ing).

Note that META files are expected to be in UTF-8 encoding, only. When
converted string data, it must first be decoded from UTF-8.

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