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Formatter for spellchecking Pod


Pod::Spell is a Pod formatter whose output is good for spellchecking.
Pod::Spell rather like Pod::Text, except that it doesn't put much effort
into actual formatting, and it suppresses things that look like Perl
symbols or Perl jargon (so that your spellchecking program won't complain
about mystery words like "$thing" or "Foo::Bar" or "hashref").

This class provides no new public methods. All methods of interest are
inherited from Pod::Parser (which see). The especially interesting ones
are `parse_from_filehandle' (which without arguments takes from STDIN
and sends to STDOUT) and `parse_from_file'. But you can probably just
make do with the examples in the synopsis though.

This class works by filtering out words that look like Perl or any form
of computerese (like "`$thing'" or "`N>7'" or "`@{$foo}{'bar','baz'}'",
anything in C or F codes, anything in verbatim paragraphs
(codeblocks), and anything in the stopword list. The default stopword
list for a document starts out from the stopword list defined by
Pod::Wordlist, and can be supplemented (on a per-document basis) by
having `"=for stopwords"' / `"=for :stopwords"' region(s) in a document.

Sean M. Burke

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