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*File::HomeDir* is a module for locating the directories that are "owned"
by a user (typicaly your user) and to solve the various issues that arise
trying to find them consistently across a wide variety of platforms.

The end result is a single API that can find your resources on any
platform, making it relatively trivial to create Perl software that works
elegantly and correctly no matter where you run it.

This module provides two main interfaces.

The first is a modern the File::Spec manpage-style interface with a
consistent OO API and different implementation modules to support various
platforms. You are *strongly* recommended to use this interface.

The second interface is for legacy support of the original 0.07 interface
that exported a 'home()' function by default and tied the '%~' variable.

It is generally not recommended that you use this interface, but due to
back-compatibility reasons they will remain supported until at least 2010.

The '%~' interface has been deprecated. Documentation was removed in 2009,
Unit test were removed in 2011, usage will issue warnings from 2013, and
the interface will be removed entirely in 2015 (in line with the general
Perl toolchain convention of a 10 year support period for legacy APIs that
are potentially or actually in common use).

Platform Neutrality
In the Unix world, many different types of data can be mixed together
in your home directory (although on some Unix platforms this is no
longer the case, particularly for "desktop"-oriented platforms).

On some non-Unix platforms, separate directories are allocated for
different types of data and have been for a long time.

When writing applications on top of *File::HomeDir*, you should thus
always try to use the most specific method you can. User documents
should be saved in 'my_documents', data that supports an application
but isn't normally editing by the user directory should go into

On platforms that do not make any distinction, all these different
methods will harmlessly degrade to the main home directory, but on
platforms that care *File::HomeDir* will always try to Do The Right

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