Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible

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*YAML::Tiny* is a perl class for reading and writing YAML-style files,
written with as little code as possible, reducing load time and memory

Most of the time it is accepted that Perl applications use a lot of memory
and modules. The *::Tiny* family of modules is specifically intended to
provide an ultralight and zero-dependency alternative to many more-thorough
standard modules.

This module is primarily for reading human-written files (like simple
config files) and generating very simple human-readable files. Note that I
said *human-readable* and not *geek-readable*. The sort of files that your
average manager or secretary should be able to look at and make sense of.

the YAML::Tiny manpage does not generate comments, it won't necesarily
preserve the order of your hashes, and it will normalise if reading in and
writing out again.

It only supports a very basic subset of the full YAML specification.

Usage is targetted at files like Perl's META.yml, for which a small and
easily-embeddable module is extremely attractive.

Features will only be added if they are human readable, and can be written
in a few lines of code. Please don't be offended if your request is
refused. Someone has to draw the line, and for YAML::Tiny that someone is

If you need something with more power move up to the YAML manpage (4
megabytes of memory overhead) or the YAML::Syck manpage (275k, but requires
libsyck and a C compiler).

To restate, the YAML::Tiny manpage does *not* preserve your comments,
whitespace, or the order of your YAML data. But it should round-trip from
Perl structure to file and back again just fine.

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