An Enhanced Make Replacement

Boost Jam is a build tool based on FTJam, which in turn is based on
Perforce Jam. It contains significant improvements made to facilitate
its use in the Boost Build System, but should be backward compatible
with Perforce Jam.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
boost-jam-20120824.tar.bz2 0000886301 866 KB almost 8 years
boost-jam-cflags_for_build.diff 0000001341 1.31 KB about 8 years
boost-jam-jam0_use_passed_cflags.diff 0000001564 1.53 KB almost 8 years
boost-jam.changes 0000009671 9.44 KB almost 5 years
boost-jam.spec 0000002313 2.26 KB almost 5 years
test.tar.gz 0000001848 1.8 KB almost 13 years
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