Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a programmer's library to develop applications with very powerful image loading capabilities, yet is easy for a developer to learn and use. Ultimate control of images is left to the developer, so unnecessary conversions, etc. are not performed. DevIL utilizes a simple, yet powerful, syntax. DevIL can load, save, convert, manipulate, filter and display a wide variety of image formats.

Currently, DevIL can load .bmp, .cut, .dds, .doom, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .lbm, .mdl, .mng, .pal, .pbm, .pcd, .pcx, .pgm, .pic, .png, .ppm, .psd, .psp, .raw, .sgi, .tga and .tif .hdr files.
Formats supported for saving include .bmp, .dds, .h, .jpg, .pal, .pbm, .pcx, .hdr, .pgm,.png, .ppm, .raw, .sgi, .tga and .tif.

DevIL currently supports the following APIs for display: OpenGL, Windows GDI, SDL, DirectX and Allegro. Compilers that can compile DevIL or use it include Djgpp, MSVC++, Linux gcc, Delphi, Visual Basic, Power Basic and Dev-C++.

Source Files
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DevIL-1.7.8-CVE-2009-3994.patch 0000000443 443 Bytes almost 10 years
DevIL-1.7.8-gcc5.patch 0000000423 423 Bytes almost 5 years
DevIL-1.7.8-libpng14.patch 0000001221 1.19 KB almost 10 years
DevIL-1.7.8-return-random-data.patch 0000000488 488 Bytes about 11 years
DevIL-1.7.8.tar.gz 0002051993 1.96 MB over 8 years
libdevil.changes 0000003554 3.47 KB almost 5 years
libdevil.spec 0000006821 6.66 KB almost 5 years
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