Portable Computing Language - an OpenCL implementation


Portable Computing Language (pocl) aims to become a MIT-licensed open source
implementation of the OpenCL standard which can be easily adapted for new targets
and devices, both for homogeneous CPU and heterogenous GPUs/accelerators.

pocl uses Clang as an OpenCL C frontend and LLVM for the kernel compiler
implementation, and as a portability layer. Thus, if your desired target
has an LLVM backend, it should be able to get OpenCL support easily by using pocl.

The goal is to accomplish improved performance portability using a kernel
compiler that can generate multi-work-item work-group functions that exploit
various types of parallel hardware resources: VLIW, superscalar, SIMD, SIMT,
multicore, multithread ...

Additional purpose of the project is to serve as a research platform for
issues in parallel programming on heterogeneous platforms.

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