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openSUSE Tumbleweed JeOS (DEPRECATED, use Minimal instead)

VM images of openSUSE Tumbleweed for various platforms.

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aly3nlopez wrote over 2 years ago


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gameboy974 wrote over 2 years ago

Hi, What can I do for you? Have a nice day, Regards,

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sulaiman wrote over 1 year ago

Its my first time using the build service. i want to build my linux distro. But I don't know how to use this. Can anyone help me please?

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HenryAchin wrote over 1 year ago

How do they expect anyone to be able to use this software?!?!? Give me one good reason.

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favogt wrote over 1 year ago

By using their computer? If that's not the answer you expect, please refine your question.

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Unkn0wnUs3r wrote over 1 year ago

How can I customize the linux distro?

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gmoro wrote over 1 year ago

Hello, by branching this package here and then modifying the JeOS.kiwi to add packages you want, also you can add different configuration customizations in the config.sh script that runs after the packages installation. Also alternatively you can use https://build.opensuse.org/image_templates that creates an appliance and has a WebUI where you can add packages to the image.

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thiagosueto wrote 7 months ago

It seems the WebUI is currently broken just for this template. It shows the following error:

"Package has no source revision yet"

As of now, it's only possible to branch this by clicking on the link that goes to this page and then click on "show unmerged sources".

(And I can't branch it either.)

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favogt wrote 7 months ago

Fixed. Someone deleted the .changes file, I added it back.

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neoacevedo wrote about 2 months ago

How should I add LXDE or LXQt DE and make them work?

Guilherme Moro's avatar

gmoro wrote about 2 months ago

As explained above, branch the package, check it out with osc tool (the OBS cli) and add the packages you need, in your case we actually have a pattern (https://tr.opensuse.org/Patterns) called patterns-lxde-lxde and patterns-lxqt-lxqt Then commit your changes and you will have OBS building the images for you. OR You can use https://build.opensuse.org/image_templates where you choose a base image, JeOS tumbleweed is there, and there's a little web interface (look for the software tab) where you can add the packages in a more intuitive way. Soon we will publish some articles about all this as the community seems to have renewed interest in custom images.

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