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lrupp wrote about 3 years ago

a) Any chance that you run "osc updatepacmetafromspec" on all your packages to offer our users at least some information ?

b) While the upstream author is even offering versioned release ( ), you have just a date. Does this date refer to the date you did the package? The date you get the tarball? The last commit in Github on that date (which timezone)?

=> Please consider to use the regular releases and adapt your spec file. This would help not only our customers to know what release is shipped with your package, it would also allow some automatism, that compares the released upstream versions with your package version.

=> for upstreams, that do not offer releases, you should follow the openSUSE guidelines and adapt the version string to something more useful:

Thanks in advance!

...and btw: I guess your sources are outdated ;-)