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HAProxy implements an event-driven, mono-process model which enables support
for very high number of simultaneous connections at very high speeds.
Multi-process or multi-threaded models can rarely cope with thousands of
connections because of memory limits, system scheduler limits, and lock
contention everywhere. Event-driven models do not have these problems because
implementing all the tasks in user-space allows a finer resource and time
management. The down side is that those programs generally don't scale well on
multi-processor systems. That's the reason why they must be optimized to get
the most work done from every CPU cycle.


Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000747 747 Bytes
_servicedata 0000000225 225 Bytes
haproxy-1.6.0-makefile_lib.patch 0000000812 812 Bytes
haproxy-1.6.0-sec-options.patch 0000001356 1.32 KB
haproxy-1.6.0_config_haproxy_user.patch 0000003040 2.97 KB
haproxy-3.0.1+git0.471a1b2f1.tar.gz 0004821322 4.6 MB
haproxy-rpmlintrc 0000000172 172 Bytes
haproxy-service.patch 0000000648 648 Bytes
haproxy-tmpfiles.conf 0000000033 33 Bytes
haproxy-user.conf 0000000077 77 Bytes
haproxy.cfg 0000000770 770 Bytes
haproxy.changes 0000413112 403 KB
haproxy.init 0000010172 9.93 KB
haproxy.spec 0000008546 8.35 KB
local.usr.sbin.haproxy.apparmor 0000000070 70 Bytes
series 0000000105 105 Bytes
usr.sbin.haproxy.apparmor 0000001603 1.57 KB
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Jon Brightwell's avatar

Apparmor gets installed and enabled by default with this package. Please could the profiles be moved into a separate package so that apparmor isn't forced on people or move the profiles into apparmor's profile package instead?

pranay dhoke's avatar

Hello Marcus, Any plan to have haproxy 2.8.5 rpm for centos7?

Marcus Rueckert's avatar

not really.

David Krotil's avatar

Pls update to latest version, thanks.

2024/01/18 : 2.9.3 - BUILD: quic: missing include for quic_tp - BUG/MINOR: mux-quic: do not prevent non-STREAM sending on flow control - BUG/MINOR: mux-h2: also count streams for refused ones - BUG/MEDIUM: quic: keylog callback not called (USE_OPENSSL_COMPAT)

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