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Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system


Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system that allows evaluation of messages
by a number of rules including regular expressions, statistical analysis and
custom services such as URL black lists. Each message is analysed by rspamd and
given a `spam score`.

According to this spam score and the user's settings rspamd recommends an
action for the MTA to apply to the message- for example to pass, reject or add
a header. Rspamd is designed to process hundreds of messages per second
simultaneously and has a number of features available.

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068714f9f5a96fbd94560211cec75775ee023d02.patch 0000001276 1.25 KB 16 days
fix_missing_return.patch 0000000425 425 Bytes about 2 months
rspamd-3.4.tar.gz 0005689732 5.43 MB 29 days
rspamd-after-redis-target.patch 0000000522 522 Bytes about 2 years
rspamd-conf.patch 0000000528 528 Bytes over 4 years
rspamd.changes 0000057785 56.4 KB 16 days
rspamd.spec 0000024718 24.1 KB 16 days
usr.bin.rspamd 0000000829 829 Bytes about 2 years
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Wolfgang Rosenauer's avatar

wrosenauer wrote about 1 year ago

@stroeder are you planning to work on the reported installation issue?

Michael Ströder's avatar

stroeder wrote about 1 year ago

I've tried to get some clarifcation regarding libfmt and libfu2 on rspamd-users mailing list but no real answers.

Thread starts here: https://lists.rspamd.com/pipermail/users/2021-August/002121.html

I know that system-provided libraries should be preferred for openSUSE packages. But there's no package for libfu2. Because my lack of C/C++ library packaging skills help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Ströder's avatar

stroeder wrote about 1 year ago

FWIW it installs on a system where packman repo is used because packman provides package libfmt7.

Mark Trompell's avatar

Mark__T wrote about 1 year ago

fu2 seems just to provide a header, no idea how that would be handled as a package.

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