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Meta package for Icinga 2 Core, DB IDO and Web.

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icinga2* packages are missing from SLES12 SP5 repo: As I see, there is an unresolvable (boost-devel) dependency during SLES12 SP5 build. Is it possible to fix this error? Several customer is using server:monitoring repo and Icinga2 packag to monitor SLES12 clients.

Thanks, Lajos

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Sorry, but SLES 12 is just too old. The package boost would have to be renewed in the distribution itself. If someone does this, then icinga2 would also build. But two reasons speak against it. One is that this is an enterprise version. I personally don't want to use my free time for suse to earn money, from which I don't have anything myself, I cooperate everywhere else, if it serves the public. Whereby then also from me from suse can profit. Secondly, SLES 12 expires in October, unless you take the extended support. That costs however surely. Since this is a SLES, I would contact Suse as a paying customer and ask how to solve the problem. I hope for your understanding.

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Thanks for your answer, I understand your standpoint. SLES12 is really old, but the support will end in october 2024. I'm going to open a service request on SUSE about the newer boost package.
Thanks, Lajos

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