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SNMP Trap Translator


SNMPTT (SNMP Trap Translator) is an SNMP trap handler written in Perl for use
with the Net-SNMP / UCD-SNMP snmptrapd program (www.net-snmp.org). SNMPTT
supports Linux, Unix and Windows.

Many network devices including but not limited to network switches, routers,
remote access servers, UPSs, printers and operating systems such as Unix and
Windows NT have the ability to send notifications to an SNMP manager running on
a network management station. The notifications can be either SNMP Traps, or
SNMP Inform messages.

The notification can contain a wide array of information such as port failures,
link failures, access violations, power outages, paper jams, hard drive
failures etc. The MIB (Management Information Base) available from the vendor
determines the notifications supported by each device.

The MIB file contains TRAP-TYPE (SMIv1) or NOTIFICATION-TYPE (SMIv2)
definitions, which define the variables that are passed to the management
station when a particular event occurs.

The Net-SNMP program snmptrapd is an application that receives and logs SNMP
trap and inform messages via TCP/IP.

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