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fish is a shell geared towards interactive use. Its features are focused on user friendliness and discoverability. The language syntax is simple but incompatible with other shell languages.

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fish_3.7.1-2070-g59daa5abc-1~unstable.debian.tar.xz 0000005892 5.75 KB
fish_3.7.1-2070-g59daa5abc-1~unstable.dsc 0000002112 2.06 KB
fish_3.7.1-2070-g59daa5abc.orig-cargo-vendor.tar.xz 0008226844 7.85 MB
fish_3.7.1-2070-g59daa5abc.orig.tar.xz 0002992136 2.85 MB
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Sam Yu's avatar

Why update stopped?

David Adam's avatar

should be working now, new version of GPG broke the package signing

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